Here's How Proven Breath Training Rapidly Reduces Stress, Improves Your Health, Increases Your Energy, Productivity And Creativity For Greater Success In Your Career And Life!

4X Freediving World Champion & Multiple Guinness World Record Holder Reveals His Revolutionary Training Method...


Calmness and balance...

Your breathing exercises and meditation opened a new world to me! Never before have I experienced such calmness and balance. I have used this process daily ever since.
Charlotte Eisenhardt, Denmark


With Only Minutes Of Training A Day; You Can Greatly Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Every day you breathe about 30.000 times. However, I can safely say that, like most people, you don’t breathe anywhere close to what you optimally could.
Few people realize that just a few minutes of training a day could have a huge impact on their lives.

Imagine feeling more free and relaxed and rapidly improve the quality of your life...

                 Imagine when you...
  • Experience higher levels of energy & creativity
  • Optimize your work and sports performance
  • Dramatically reduce stress levels
  • Recover effectively from accidents or illness
  • Reduce chronic or transient pains
  • Increase your health & feeling of happiness
  • Sleep less but fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply
  • Relieve allergies, asthma, and breathing difficulties
  • Expand your lung volume (not even your Doctor knows about this)!!


”I warmly recommend the Breatheology training to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on conscious breathing. You become inspired and learn practical exercises to be used right away”!

Jenny Petersson, Chiropractor & Yoga Instructor, 
Copenhagen Yoga

Dear Breathing Friend,

I'm Stig Severinsen...and I am on a mission to help you and the rest of the world breathe better - to help you experience far greater health and well-being, and live a more fulfilled life.

"They Call Me Super Human"

You might have seen me on History Channel, 60 Minutes, Discovery Channel or National Geographic. The Discovery Channel crowned me "The Ultimate Superhuman" when I broke the Guinness World Record and held my breath for 22 minutes under water.
I am a 4x Freediving World Champion and hold many different official Guinness World Records. Perhaps you have seen my world-record diving under ice.  I have also been the subject of many scientific studies due to my capacity to lower my heart rate at will and for having a total lung volume in excess of 14 liters.

Honestly, I don't consider myself "superhuman" - but I do have a super passion for helping people understand how better breathing can dramatically increase their physical, mental, and spiritual state. I see this as my mission in life.

I also have a Masters Degree in Biology and a PHD in Medicine, and am a consultant and "official supplier" to the World Health Organization (WHO), helping spread the knowledge on how increased awareness on breathing can have a positive and dramatic influence on health.

But in my heart, I am a coach and trainer.  I simply love to help people. I have become known for having coached Olympian Gold Winning Athletes and World Champions, as well as CEO's and business leaders from big multi-million dollar companies.  The reason they come to me is to become more resilient to high-impact but also enjoy better health and gain laser-sharp focus.
However, I am just as passionate about the work I have done within the medical field to develop methods to help people with respiratory diseases: smoker’s lungs (COPD), asthma, etc. - as well as helping patients with neurological mobility disorders.
Breathing is such a fundamental part of life and enhanced breathing has proven to improve functions in numerous areas: improving cardiovascular capacity, balancing the nervous system, endocrine system (hormones), digestive system, and more.
This is not surprising since every single cell is dependent on how we breathe. The question is what kind of exercises can dramatically have this kind of effect…
This training that I have developed has had an enormous impact on elite athletes, as well as the person with cardiovascular/respiratory disease, or the stressed-out business person.
But breath training is not just for elite athletes or wealthy CEO’s. Improved breathing benefits every human being.
And this is why I created the Breatheology Academy training.
Today, without having to invest thousands of dollars on private coaching (clients normally pay me $2,000/hour), you can learn what I have done to break my world-records, and what my clients have done to dramatically improve their lives, from the comfort of your own home.
And the investment is only a small fraction of the value of the benefits you will receive.
Through inspiring videos and audios you learn powerful exercises that don’t take too long to do, but give you enormous benefits. In fact, you will be able to do many of the exercise throughout your regular day.
Imagine being able to shift from being stressed to being resourceful, from producing adrenaline to producing dopamine and endorphins (the "happy hormones").  Your day will become more effective and you will feel much better!
Yes, 12 weeks from now you will likely have a completely new outlook on life. Your digestion will be better (yes, breathing is crucial for weight-loss), you will sleep better, and your workouts become more effective (muscle building is dependent on the nervous system’s response).
You will be more alert and focused during the day (better decision making and problem solving),  your skin will have a new glow (oxygen rich skin cells), and you will be happier (become more charismatic and attractive).
Frankly, oxygenating your body in the way I’m about to show you, will likely have far more benefits than I could possibly list. It has an impact on every singly cell in your body!

So, during this exclusive 12-week online training course you will have unlimited access to:

  • 12 Training Modules with 43 Exercise Videos in HD quality
  • Step-by-step plan to optimize results (every module opens weekly)
  • Access 24/7 - via any online device (smartphone, tablet, computer...)
  • Mp3 files ("sound-files") of ALL core exercises for unlimited download!
  • Personal Training Program Template with 4 Key Blocks.
  • Specific module to customize your best personalized training program
  • All instructional texts available in more than 80 languages!
  • Introduction to the art of Pranayama
  • Introduction to safe breath holding practices!
  • Bonus of 30 days EXTRA access to all content after the last module has opened


And of course I offer a 100% No-question-asked money-back guarantee the first 30 days. If for any reason you are not happy, then feel free to request a full refund.  (Then again, doing some of the breathing exercises I provide will make you happy :)
Please note that access to the Membership material will be removed after the course has been completed.
I have helped thousands of people around the world and I would love to help you, too. With my Breatheology Academy training program, I give you: Exercises that fit perfectly into your life, Realistic time assessment, Stepping Stone Goals (developmental goals) and loads of Inspiration &b Fun.
Let’s get going. Let’s experience what improved breathing will do to your life!


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What other people say...

I feel stronger

”Being a patient with COPD (smoker’s lung) I focus on breathing better and learning new techniques. The breatheology exercises are easy to practice and use and have become an indispensable part of my life. My immune system has been boosted, I feel stronger, more focused and have gained greater peace of mind. Plus I have regained 0.6 liter Vital Capacity in my lungs that was lost due to my disease. So little, yet so much.”
Pierre Bourgeat, 

Increase your ability to perform

"All athletes would benefit from this type of breath training program. The training will increase your ability to preform with or without pressure. It is a catalyst to take your body and your sport to the next level.”
Courtney Conlogue, Pro Surfer, ASP World Tour

Greater understanding of oneself

"Experience of athletes like Stig Severinsen is valuable, since relaxation and breathing exercises are used to achieve a greater understanding of oneself. In other words, the awareness of capacity and limitations are increased which improves the extreme sports performance. When we regard an illness as an extreme experience, or even better as an experience that lies beyond the normal life, we will also understand the potential benefits that relaxation and breathing exercises from the holistic approach can offer, in addition to the conventional “state of the art” treatment.”
Alessandro Pingitore, Heart Surgeon, Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa

The foundation to creating balance

"The knowledge and expertise around the art of conscious breathing that Stig provides with breatheology is the foundation to creating balance within oneself. That balance is something that every individual in this world will benefit from.”
Greg Long, Pro Big Wave Surfer


I am so absolutely sure that this unique online training program will transform your life to the better and I am offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

If - for whatever reason - this training does not satisfy you in any way, simply send my team an email within 30 days from your purchase and they'll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you're not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact my team. No monkey business. They will always refund your money.

You have nothing to lose - but everything to win!


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"Frequently Asked Questions"

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