Stig Åvall Severinsen is the creator of breatheology. He was born in 1973, and always had a love for water, sports and nature.

His passion is helping people around the world to discover the true power of breathing for optimized health & performance and does this as an avid keynote speaker, coach and consultant.

He is a 4x Freediving World Champion and Multiple Guinness World Record Holder.

The three most prestigious Guinness World Records that Stig holds are:

1) The longest breath hold under water (22 minutes) (click here for video).

2) The longest freedive under ice (250 feet) on a single breath of air in a speedo (click here for video)

3) The Longest freedive under ice (500 feet) on a single breath of air using a wetsuit and monofin (click here for video)

After holding his breath in 2012 for 22 minutes on Discovery Channel's show "Superhuman Showdown," he was crowned "The Ultimate Superhuman."

With a Masters Degree in Biology and a PhD in Medicine, he has a profound interest in natural sciences and health. 

He is the author of the best selling book Breatheology: The Art of Conscious Breathing, which has been translated into multiple languages all around the world.

Stig's mission with Breatheology is to educate and inspire the world by creating a common ground for people interested in learning more about how better breathing can lead to better health, athletic performance, and even rehabilitation. 

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